Victoria Santa Cruz’s 2004 Book Now Available Online

I am pleased to announce the online edition of Victoria Santa Cruz’s book  Rhythm, the Eternal Organizer/Ritmo, el eterno organizador (trans. Susan G. Polansky, Ediciones Copé, 2004). This bilingual (Spanish and English) book, in which Santa Cruz explains her philosophy of rhythm, has long been out-of-print and was never widely available outside Peru.

I am grateful to Octavio Santa Cruz, Aldo Durán and Ediciones Copé, and Susan G. Polansky (Teaching Professor and Head of Department of Modern Languages), Keith Webster (Dean of University Libraries), and Marcie Hayhurst (Legal Assistant, Office of the General General Counsel) of  Carnegie Mellon University for working with me to make possible the broader dissemination of Victoria Santa Cruz’s book via Carnegie Mellon University Library’s online repository of digital scholarship. Thank you also to Javier León for communications translation support.

2 Replies to “Victoria Santa Cruz’s 2004 Book Now Available Online”

  1. Heidi, VERY happy to be able to read Victoris’a book. Thank you very much for all this, and Peruvian memories. Enrique

  2. The book has been recently re-published a moth ago (october 2019) by peruvian book publisher ‘Seminario Afroperuano de Artes y Letras’ in a new and fresh presentation since the one from 2004.

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