Heidi Feldman Wins ASTR Errol Hill Award for Article on Staging Public Blackness in Mid-Twentieth-Century Peru

I am proud to announce that the American Society for Theatre Research (ASTR) has honored my scholarship on the emergence of Black theatre in mid-twentieth-century Peru with its prestigious Errol Hill Award, given annually “in recognition of outstanding scholarship in African American theatre, drama, and/or performance studies.” I am thankful to historian Carlos Aguirre, who invited me to write an earlier version of the winning article for publication in his co-edited book Lima, siglo XX: cultura, socialización, cambio (Fondo Editorial PUCP, 2013) and to Theatre Survey editor Marlis Schweitzer, whose keen editorial vision contributed to the expanded version for English-speaking readers.

Peruvian TV Episode Offers a Glimpse of Victoria Santa Cruz’s International Career

On Sunday, October 30, the popular Peruvian television program “Sucedió en el Perú” (It Happened in Peru) profiled Victoria Santa Cruz’s life and legacy, in honor of her Centennial. As a featured guest, I contributed to segments about two vital but lesser-known periods of Victoria Santa Cruz’s career outside Peru: her sojourn in Paris (1962–66) and her years as a professor of drama at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh (1982–1999).

My book about Victoria Santa Cruz (in progress) will explore these fascinating periods in greater detail. Thank you to “Sucedió en el Perú” for the invitation to share a bit of my research with TVPerú viewers, contributing to a fuller picture of Victoria Santa Cruz’s global career and legacy for humanity.

Non-Spanish speakers may use the CC option to translate subtitles.

Now Available on YouTube: Testimonial Documentary Film “Victoria para la Canción Criolla”

Francisco Caro and Peru’s National School of Folklore produced a moving documentary film comprised of testimonials about Victoria Santa Cruz’s career and creative legacy along with artistic performances inspired by her oeuvre. The film premiered at the National School of Folklore in Lima (in conjunction with a photographic exhibit) on October 30, 2022 in commemoration of Victoria Santa Cruz’s Centennial, and it is now available on YouTube. I was delighted to contribute my own testimonial to this project!